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Michelle Payano

General Manager of Hardwood Stop Inc.

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Early Life and Education

Michelle Payano's story begins in the Dominican Republic, where she was born before her family relocated to the United States during her early years. In the U.S., Michelle received her formal education, a period marked by determination and focus as she navigated multiple challenges in her upbringing. From a young age, Michelle harbored a strong desire to contribute positively to society.


Driven by this ambition, Michelle pursued higher education with great zeal, putting herself through college. She achieved her first dream by earning a degree in forensic science from John Jay University in New York City.


Reconnecting with Miguel and Family Life

Post-graduation, life took a serendipitous turn when Michelle reconnected with Miguel Payano, a childhood friend. Their rekindled friendship blossomed into love, leading to marriage. Together, they moved to Florida, starting a new chapter in their lives.


Three years into their marriage, Michelle's life took another significant turn as she prepared for the arrival of their first child. Choosing to prioritize her growing family, she stepped away from her burgeoning career in forensic science to become a stay-at-home mother. However, Michelle's journey was far from ordinary domestic life. She played a pivotal role in supporting Miguel's dreams, initially taking up a part-time role as an office assistant for The Hardwood Stop.


Growing Role in The Hardwood Stop Inc.

Over nearly two decades, Michelle's involvement in the family business deepened significantly. While her initial aspirations in forensic science were set aside, she discovered a profound passion for the flooring industry. Michelle honed her skills in design and space creation, developing a discerning eye for aesthetics and design.

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With a thirst for knowledge and growth, Michelle re-educated herself in the intricacies of the business world. Her dedication and skillful management eventually led her to the position of General Manager of The Hardwood Stop. Michelle's strengths and unwavering support have been instrumental in steering the company through challenging times, contributing significantly to its established reputation today.


Community Involvement and Legacy

Michelle's heart for service extends beyond the company. Her ability to earn the trust of clients, employees, and vendors has been pivotal, and she actively participates in community and church activities alongside Miguel.


Michelle Payano's journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, adaptability, and commitment. Her path may have diverged from her original career goals, but it led her to find fulfillment and success in unexpected avenues. Guided by her commitment to her family and her innate ability to create beauty and harmony, Michelle's story is one of resilience and triumph.

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